Продолжаю перетаскивать. Из относительно старого. Плотбанни размером с хорошего динозавра. На английском, потому что тогда было проще писать так. Возможен миллион ошибок.

Merlin F1 AU. Like, Merlin and Arthur on the same team AU. Arthur as a driver and Merlin as an engineer would be closer to the canon. But it would be way more interesting with them as drivers. Camelot Racing is an old British team, a bit Williams-esque. Not the best and not the worst ATM, but with great history and great expectations. And Arthur is a son of the team owner. So yeah, great pressure. He has been trying really hard all his life, since his karting days, and he's considered one of the best because he deserves it. Also, he looks great, he talks smart, and all the media loves him.

And then there comes Merlin. He's that kind of an out-of-nowhere boy, with only 2 seasons in junior formulas under his belt, and a sponsor with really deep pockets. Something like Killgarah Incorporated. No-one including Uther thinks he would be great, but Camelot Racing might use some money. As it turns out later, Merlin is a kind of a racing genius.

Arthur hates him from the first sight. Actually, he hates him from the fist time he hears about Merling driving for their team. He thinks hiring Merlin is a bad move. Their team, he thinks, means honour and pride and being true sport. Hiring a pay-driver is a shame.

On the car presentation Merlin smiles from one ridiculous ear to other ridiculous ear, and says he's looking forward to working with the team, and to learning from Arthur, and that he thinks they are going to be great team-mates. Arthur says he'll do his best to bring the new car to the podium as often as possible. Not a mention of Merlin, not a word to him, just backside glares.

Somehow media thinks they have great rivalty-chemistry-whatever thing going on, and Tumblr's going mad reblogging a picture where Merlin smiles wide and a bit awkward, looking at Arthur, and Arthur just stares back. Appatently fans are excited. Not that Arthur gives a shit about Tumblr, but Morgana does. She's the press-officer of Camelot Racing, so she keeps her eyes on every part of Internet, even on really weird ones.

During the tests, Arthur lets his anger out, and he's being really mean to Merlin, and Merlin pays him back with nothing but awkward smiles, and some witty comments, and explaining his telemetry. Like Arthur needs his explanation.

In the first race, Arthur finishes up 4th, and Merlin has a crash. Bad thing is, he has a crash lapping a backmarker, while he's fighting for the second place.
It all officially goes to hell from that moment.

As the season goes, things happen. Good things, bad things, podiums, crashes, and mutual insults on and off camera. Somehow they are leading the championship by the 5th race. They are back to 3rd pretty soon, but it's still the best season Camelot Racing has had for like 10 years. Both drivers have their podium finishes, and Arthur has more.

The first time they stand on a podium together is in Hungary. Merlin shines, and hugs the breath out of Arthur when he climbs out of his car. He also looks so happy hugging his trophy that his photos are all over the media, although he was just the 3rd and it was Arthur who has actually won the race.

After that, Camelot Racing is up to the 2nd in the team championship, and Arthur is leading drivers'. BBC celebrates it with Camelot Racing Trivia they are going to air in the next Grand Prix build-up. To everyone's surprise, Merlin wins. To Arthur's surprise, Merlin looks not victorious and gloating but sorry.

When they crash into each other in the very next race, Arthur suddenly realizes he's not hating Merlin. Yes, he is an idiot, but he's dedicated idiot, and a decent driver, and very competitive (too stubborn when it isn't required though), and he loves the team. Camelot Racing means life to Arthur, and he can't hate anyone who loves the team as much. Even when this particular someone T-bones his car out of the race. He has to, but he can't. He doesn't let anyone notice it though, and still says harsh things about overconfident rookies with no experience and too good for them cars.

Media loves it.

Merlin waits him by the door to his hotel room in the evening with apologies. Arthur isn't going to let him in, but they end up drinking in his room half the night. Arthur still doesn't like the guy, but he's not that bad, so he lets him crash in his room instead of throwing him out to drive to his hotel. They leave the hotel together, and there are some fans waiting for Arthur in the lobby, and damned be them and their camera cellphones.

Media loves it even more. That Tumblr thing Morgana keeps mentioning every now and then supposedly goes bonkers. Arthur doesn't want to think about it.

Thank God Valiant's team is caught cheating, so finally Arthur and Merlin and the sudden rise of Camelot Racing is not the hottest topic anymore.

That doesn't long forever though. The closer they are to the season finale, the more questions are asked. And the most frequently asked question is, would Merlin help Arthir to win WDC if it comes to this? Because now, with Camelot Racing still having chance to win WCC, and Arthur being the close second for the title, and Merlin jumping around 5th and 4th and 6th places in the Championship, it can come to this for sure. Arthur tries to assure himself and the press that he doesn't care. He's used to living under pressure, but now, when he has a chance to bring his team to the glory, the pressure is almost too high to bear. Few races before final the pressure bacomes unbearable, and Arthur snaps. He finishes one race in the gravel, and he doesn't score a point the race after, and it's a disaster. Not to mention Uther is furious. Merlin keeps smiling and charms the hell out of journos, like there's nothing to worry about. Arthur has never been so ready to hate him again.

The penultimate race is less bad, but still not as good as Arthur has hoped. But Merlin finishes second, and it means they still can win both titles. Their chances are not great though. If they want to win both titles, Arthur must win the last race with Merlin in second place, and their main rival team not getting more than 3 points. At least that's what a journalist says in a post-race press conference before ask Merlin, "You often were on the podium this year, but you haven't won a race yet. If you are leading the next race and Arthur is second, will you help him to win the title sacraficing a possibility of your fist win?"

Merlin smiles like there's nothing in the world but sunshine, and says: "Sure, why not?"

And that's what happens. The thing is, Arthur doesn't want it this way. And it's not because he feels Merlin has deserved a win. It's just because the win would not feel like a win if he's not getting it himself. He knows he can do it. And if he can't, well, so be it. He's not one of those drivers who place a win over their honour. So when on the final lap Merlin lets him through, Arthur isn't going to let this happen. And again, he tells himself, thinking that Marlin deserves a win has nothing to do with it. He just feels humiliated, that's all. And his father and, well, everyone might go straight to hell if they don't like him slowing down more then nessesary in the last turn. The team still gets the championship, so screw it all. His engineer is shouting something over the radio, but Arthur is not listening. He's done what was right to do. And he feels weirdly proud looking at the back of Merlin's car, and he imagines how happy Merlin would look standing on the first step with the trophy, and he never realized he wanted to see Merlin smiling so much.

And then Merlin hits his brakes few meters to the finish line.

And Arthur crosses the line first.

I haven't decided on a kiss yet. I know Merlin's going to kiss Arthur, I don't know when and how. It can be a proper full on the lips kiss, or, and that's better, a sudden kiss on whatever place of Arthur's head is closer. It can be on the podium, when they both are happy and exhausted, and covered by sweat and Champagne. Or it can be right after the race, in park ferme, when Arthur has jumped off his car, and Merlin has chought him, has took his helmet off, and embraced him, and called Arthur an idiot, and planted a kiss on his cheekbone. And, well, if Merlin has tears in his eyes then, it's nothing special. Everyone knows he is a big sap.

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